More than 200 photos have been submitted!
Thank you and congratulations to all the photographers
Your work is amazing!!

The more ideas the better!

PMB uses ideation tools to spark new ideas and create positive change.

‘Picture This’ is a much-loved ideation tool we use – it involves looking at fascinating photos to get your brain thinking in new ways to solve a challenge. PMB created a deck of ‘WITHInspiration’ photos that showcase the artistic talent of photographers who have a disability. All the photo submissions for the project are featured on the Gallery of Submissions page.

We selected 52 photos to be included in the photo deck – the photographers of the chosen photos are paid for their artwork and will receive a portion of the payment for each card deck sold. This social enterprise is an opportunity for people with a disability to share their talents with the broader community and influence positive change in the supports they receive and in the human service.

Featured on: CTV Toronto, Global News, Breakfast Television, CBC Listen and CTV Ottawa