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People Minded Business Consultants, Facilitators, and Trainers in health and human services

Great solutions don’t just happen – they are designed for success. WITHology is PMB’s fresh approach to human-centred design. We combine the best innovation, design thinking, creative problem solving and quality processes to create the ‘best fit’ for health and human services, and it works wonders.

PMB worked with Middlesex Community Living, situated in the municipality of Strathroy-Caradoc, to create a welcoming community where everyone belongs. This social innovation initiative was such a success we produced a comprehensive, user-friendly toolkit for other organizations and municipalities interested in replicating the process for outstanding results!

PMB’s TOAST Analysis is a high-level strategic planning tool. Using this strengths-based approach to strategic planning we identify current and emerging sector and societal Trends, related Opportunities, the organization’s Assets and Strengths, and other considerations (good and not-so-good) to Take note of. Relevant, forward-thinking strategic priorities and goals are formalized through the TOAST process.