People Minded Business

Together PMB’s team brings over 150 years of experience, working in health and human services, consulting and business creation and operations, nationally and internationally.

The team is recognized for their breadth and depth of knowledge, exceptional skills, and friendly, effective and fun ways of working WITH all people.

People Minded Business

PMB consultants are certified design thinking and creative problem-solving practitioners. We use a plethora of tools and techniques to equally engage all those who have a stake in the problem or opportunity at hand. Some of the many tools we are certified to use include:

Online Collaborative Facilitation.
Design Thinkers Academy
Creative-Problem Solving
FourSight Creative Thinking System Certified Trainer

Janeen Halliwell

Janeen (she/her) is the co-founder and senior WITHology and innovation consultant at PMB. She is a life-long social entrepreneur whose work has intentionally evolved from a focus on quality to advancing new thinking and driving innovation in human services.  With three start-ups under her belt, Janeen walks the talk when it comes to leadership and speaks from experience – both successes and failures – the best foundations for learning. She has worked with governments and not-for-profit organizations across Canada, in the UK, Australia, Mexico, USA, and Tanzania. She is certified to facilitate Creative Problem-Solving, FourSight Creative Thinking, Design Thinking, and Lego Strategic Play – all of which she and her team use regularly in their work. Janeen is also the recipient of a Certificate of Achievement from United Nations’ WOMEN for empowering women through ‘We Move Forward’ an International Women’s Day conference she founded in 2012. Janeen has a MA in Leadership and Organizational Learning, and previously taught at two universities. PMB clients describe Janeen as being highly focused, engaging, bright, and fun!

Paul Fleming

Paul (he/him) is a Partner and the senior business strategist at PMB. He came to us as the COO of a private equity corporation where he focused on acquiring and building new companies, real estate development, and internal culture and operations. We like to think of Paul as a multi-tool; his varied 30+year career has given him a unique perspective spanning learning and development, strategy consulting with a Tier 1 firm, broadcasting, advertising, marketing, technology and entrepreneurial ventures. PMB looks to Paul to dive deep into business analytics and industry research to deliver fresh thinking and thought-provoking counsel. He is a 15+year board member of the globally respected Leader Project at the Ivey School of Business (working on the ground with entrepreneurs in Haiti and Lithuania) and Chairs the Advisory Board of Management Studies at Humber Business School. Paul has an MBA from Ivey, an MSc in Business Research Methodology from Henley Business School in the UK, is certified in Creative Problem Solving facilitation (CPSI) and has a diploma in Business Coaching (Seneca/Coach U). Paul is keen to contribute to the purposeful work of PMB by helping leaders build the organizations that bring stakeholders to the table, co-creating options so that people can live a fulfilling life of their choosing in the community.

Ryan Stanga

Ryan (he/him) has consulted on strategic planning, leadership, and developing strong cultures with non-profits for more than 20 years. Ryan is known as a strong researcher ensuring projects are based on understanding stakeholder perceptions, broader trends, and organizational realities. Ryan is super personable and collaborative which allows him to connect well with front-line staff, leadership, board members, community partners and most importantly the people and families supported by the organization. Since graduating from the University of Windsor with a MA in Applied Social Psychology (Industrial/Organizational Psychology), he has worked extensively to support non-profit organizations in the physical and mental health sectors. While he enjoys all his work, his special passion is helping organizations align their current and future activities to their mission and purpose.

Dan Bigonesse

Dan (he/him) is a bilingual Senior Consultant with PMB and a dynamic professional steeped in 30 years of facilitating, consulting, co-designing, and training clients ranging from not-for-profits to Fortune 500 companies. Dan excels in bringing diverse voices to the table, fostering inclusivity, and leveraging co-creation and design methodologies. He has worked with PMB on provincial and national projects requiring French consultation and facilitation and has years of international experience in the United States, Netherlands, France, and Italy. He is known for delivering high content sessions in a relaxed and entertaining style. Having worked with a range of industries, Dan has become known for his ability to navigate the intersection of people and culture, business operations, and human-centered design. Dan is a past trustee of the Creative Education Foundation and is on the faculty of the Creative Problem-Solving Institute and the Schulich Executive Education Centre. He is also a certified practitioner of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), the Facet5 Personality Profile, the FourSight Thinking Profile, and NeuroColor, a unique, neuroscience approach to personality assessment. Dan makes his home in Ottawa where he lives with his daughter and crazy chocolate lab, Molly. When not working, you can find Dan hiking with Molly and listening to some mind-expanding podcasts.

Lara Hilmi

Lara (she/her) is a certified creative problem-solver, trained facilitator and hardworking generalist with international experience managing meaningful strategy and communications projects in the health sector. Certified in LEGO® Serious Play® and by the Creative Problem-Solving Institute, Lara helps PMB clients unleash their creativity using the WITHology framework to co-design inclusive and innovative solutions. Her Masters in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology has provided a deep understanding in group and team dynamics and taught her to apply a strengths-based, future-focused lens to work and life. Lara builds strong relationships with stakeholders and teams, juggles multiple project deliverables and believes in having a good laugh along the way. Lara is passionate about sports and creating development opportunities for female athletes. She has represented Canada on the National Australian Rules football team and is also an active member on the AFL Canada Board of Directors where she champions a national mentorship program for young girls. She lives an active lifestyle by running, cycling, swimming and chasing after her two young boys.

Katrina Campbell

Katrina (she/her) calls the shots to coordinate our projects behind the scenes here at PMB. She’s a lifelong learner who loves to research, problem solve, and help people. She studied Classical Archaeology, where her interest in people – across both history and geography, grew and flourished. Building on her data analysis and problem-solving skill set, she worked in accounting for over a decade. Katrina enjoys financial analysis, providing insight into the financial health and performance of organizations. During her spare time, Katrina is a volunteer instructor making yoga more accessible and inclusive. Katrina greatly enjoys helping PMB client organizations with their needs while helping PMB to grow and flourish.

Delaney Ziebarth

Delaney (She/Her) joins PMB as a Project Manager, Consultant, and creative force. She graduated with an MBA and Bachelor of Music from Lipscomb University in Nashville where she spent 10 years in the music industry writing, recording, releasing, and performing her music. This process, and her debut album, “After the Fire”, sparked Delaney’s interest in marketing and inspired her get her MBA. In 2021, she decided to return to the Ottawa Valley to apply her newfound skills to work in marketing for a global software company managing their events, social media, design projects and generating demand for their products. In her downtime, Delaney helps out with her family’s small businesses, including event refrigeration rentals, beekeeping, cash-cropping, and mobile heavy equipment repairs. While she was young, Delaney’s family lost everything in a house fire but her community rallied together to support them. She was inspired to begin writing songs to connect with others who felt similar losses – her empathy with people in challenging situations energizes her to mobilize people to support them. She has dreamt of working with organizations that are passionate about supporting communities and working with PMB is the manifestation of that dream come true! 

Nicole Flynn

Nicole (she/her) is an internationally medaled athlete, explorer, and a lifelong student. She believes in taking in all the information she can and applying it to her life and trying to figure out what she will do next. As CEO of her own business for the past ten years, Nicole is ready to start a different path. Nicole is thrilled with the new adventure of working with People Minded Business. In her final year as a General Arts and Science student, at Loyalist College, Nicole is excited to integrate her education about communication, diversity and leadership with PMB. Her past twenty years of experience as a public speaker will enhance her role as a leader with PMB’s philosophy of WITHology. As a self-advocate, Nicole will apply her critical thinking ability to the discussions and activities with PMB. Nicole loves to try new things, sometimes she fails, but she finds exploring options is a good a way to keep herself wide open to new opportunities. Nicole frequently reminds herself that if she doesn’t try new things, how will she know what will actually work?

Charlene Piper

With a skill set that spans many industries, clients refer to Charlene (she/her) as a woman of many talents. She is a researcher at heart: a must-find-the-answers kind of person. Prior to consulting, Charlene was an Officer in the Canadian Forces. She earned her Master of Arts degree at the Royal Military College of Canada, where she had the privilege of working with, and learning from, many leaders in the Defence community. She has extensive experience in the development of team-based integrated strategic and business planning, and Balanced Scorecard processes, in both the public service and private sectors. As a published author and part-time photographer, Charlene excels at communication across all platforms. She was formerly a member of the Defence Women’s Advisory Organization and the Regina Strategic Planners Network. Charlene has always worked for organizations that make a difference in the community and strongly believes that an adaptable team is the foundation for success.


Raya joins us from the sunny isle of Isla Mujeres, Mexico. She came to PMB as a rescue dog ( and now every day she rescues us from getting too focused on work through her antics, demands for belly rubs and protecting Janeen from the evil squirrels lurking outside the office window. She loves PMB team meetings and provides background noise on the occasional zoom – wherever Raya is, love and laughter are there with her.