PMB knows that people support what they help create so we work with our clients to ensure all voices - people with lived experience, families, employees, management, boards, and community - are involved in consultation, collaboration, and co-creation.

Customer Centric Co-Design

PMB engages people with lived experience, the team who works for them, and experts to actively explore and co-design supports and systems together. We’ve adapted tools and techniques from the design thinking, creative problem solving, and quality improvement disciplines to make design inclusive and customer-directed.

Inclusive Strategic Planning

PMB’s strategic planning process ensures your organization understands what is happening around the corner and around the world, internal strengths to build on, and external trends, challenges and opportunities. Most importantly, we involve your stakeholders to ensure that your Leadership and Board will incorporate the needs and perspectives of everyone impacted, and impacting, the organization in their strategic priorities.

Agile Organization Co-Design

Every organizational co-design is unique, and follows a journey based on research-proven processes combined with PMB’s WITHology tools and techniques so your employees from front-line to leadership have a chance to participate. More than just organizational charts and job descriptions, we work with your team to ensure that your organization and culture is aligned with your strategic priorities while building in agility and resiliency for future unknowns.

Engaging Facilitation

PMB’s team are Master Facilitators with groups of all sizes – the more diverse the better. We recognize each organization is unique and customize and adapt our tools and techniques to get your people from A to Z. All our sessions, whether in-person or virtual, involve a blend of activities that will have people leaning in, feeling heard, collaborating, and leaving with a sense of accomplishment.

Mind Opening Training

PMB offers engaging and enlightening training labs in WITHology to learn the skills necessary to ensure that your team is able to continue co-designing after we leave the building.

WITHology is revolutionizing who has a seat at the table

WITHology is at the core of all PMB projects.

WITHology is a combination of the best innovation, design thinking, creative problem-solving and quality approaches. PMB has adapted tools and techniques to empower people with lived experience to become co-designers of their supports and services. It produces results that matter most to people who use supports, provide supports, board members, and members of the community.

People Minded Business Consultants, Facilitators, and Trainers in health and human services