Inflation. No friend to human services.

The current round of inflation was born out of the COVID crisis and caused by many issues (for example overseas supply chain challenges, healthy consumer bank accounts, consumers who despite inflation and global uncertainty still seem willing to spend, and wage increases to counter the Great Resignation, etc.). The February 2022 year on year inflation rate in Canada was 5.7% overall, a rate not seen since August of 1991.

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Photo by Cliff Booth from Pexels

Digital Inclusion – Worldwide Lessons during COVID

Last week we ran across a brand-new meta study on the digital inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities during COVID 19. This study reviewed 16 studies on this topic during COVID 19 (2020 – 2021) and also reached out to researchers worldwide to capture studies that haven’t been published yet. Given how many organizations had to switch on a dime to virtual service provision, it’s an important window into the effects of these efforts.

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