Nicole’s Eight Tips to Self Care

By Nicole Flynn, Associate Consultant

How many lives do you have?

Protecting the life you have is about self-care, making wise choices about the lifestyle you prefer. It is your path to determine the lifestyle you choose depending on your situation. There may be part of you that wants to choose an unhealthy path, one that defeats your purpose and contradicts your lifestyle goal. This is the time to stop and reflect on how you are feeling, your mood, your energy, and your stimulation. Thinking about what feels good and what does not may increase your awareness of stress. Learning about self-care can help you achieve your lifestyle goal. For that reason, here are eight tips I recommend for including self-care in your day to day life:

#1 – Self-care is about balancing life and managing stress. Listen to your body, run a self scan to find any stress or tension that is overwhelming your body, mind and soul. Think about what they are telling you: use your instincts, do you need to change your activity, maybe go for a walk, stretch, or get some water. Perhaps take your shoes and socks off and feel the Earth beneath you. Be compassionate to yourself.

#2 – Take your time along your journey to self awareness, smell the roses, be grounded, take a break and meditate. Celebrate the small steps, they are important to reaching your goal. It’s about the journey, not just about the destination.

#3 – Maintaining stress can be difficult, it doesn’t matter where you are in life there is stress. Finding ways to balance your daily routine can be challenging. There are small things you can do in your day to help your perspective. Tai chi, yoga, and singing are activities that may change or freshen up your day.

#4 – Self-care is also being responsible for your health, following the instructions for medications, doing treatments and any recommended exercises. Gaining knowledge about your well-being, reading and researching different resources will support your self-care.

#5 – A healthy diet of a rainbow of colours on your plate in proper portions will be packed full of nutrient values. This will increase your energy, keep your body healthy, and may even help you live longer. Eating a well-balanced colourful diet will also help fight multiple diseases.

#6 – Being physically fit decreases the chance of developing health problems. There are physical activities such as martial arts that stimulate both the mind and the body. Participating in physical activities can also release endorphins, the happy hormones.

#7 – Self-care is also looking after your own safety, and making decisions that will help you stay safe. It might be tempting to ride a bike without a helmet or not wear a lifejacket, but this equipment is mandatory to keep you safe, out of harms way.

#8 – Self-care isn’t about doing something big and fancy. Self-care is about the little things you can do that make you feel good, whether that is time alone or with your family. Take the time to unplug from your devices and stand your ground about your decisions.

You get one life, choose wisely.

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About Nicole

Nicole Flynn is from the rural area of Centre Hastings, Ontario. She is a graduate of the Loyalist College General Arts and Science diploma program (not modified). Nicole is an entrepreneur, an Associate Consultant with People Minded Business Inc. (PMB), and an international medalist in three sports. She is a global citizen who believes in freedom, power, and prosperity for everyone.

Nicole’s goal is to experience and learn more about what is happening around the world and to share her knowledge with others. It is her hope that by reading Nicole’s Notes, people will broaden their perspective, re-evaluate their assumptions and attitudes, and bring their creative ideas and inputs to the table.

Nicole's Notes

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