Do You have a Choice?

By Nicole Flynn, Associate Consultant

Are you included?

Imagine being segregated, living on the sidelines, away from people who are actively part of the community. Imagine that you did not have a choice, there was only one option of where to live. A choice is having the freedom to make a decision between two or more things. Many people are not given the opportunity to make decisions, to develop into autonomous individuals, respected as a person. Living as an active citizen, involved in life, allows a person to belong as who they are.

Being in an inclusive community means that people have the ability to live and participate in the way they choose. Inclusion means having the same opportunities as people in the mainstream. Inclusion is providing support when needed, depending on the person, to be actively involved politically, socially, culturally, environmentally, and economically. Inclusion also means being with people they choose to be with, whether that is at work, in sports, arts, or education. Inclusive communities are full of a diverse population of people.

There is a difference between people being separated, watching what is going on, but not being supported to participate, and being actively engaged. All of us belong in supportive and inclusive communities where we have the choice to determine what we want to do in our life. Along with this is having control of one’s own decision – making capacity. To accomplish this is to have access to a support system, where people believe in the significance of choice.

I am thankful that I am out in the country, being grounded, and being me where I belong. This is where my community is, there are activities for me to join. I am a valued member in my community. I am known as a speaker, advocate, photographer, entrepreneur and an athlete. People respect me as a person and acknowledge me as a responsible individual. I am thankful that I have opportunity and purpose in my life.

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone was included in the community of their choice?

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About Nicole

Nicole Flynn is from the rural area of Centre Hastings, Ontario. She is a graduate of the Loyalist College General Arts and Science diploma program (not modified). Nicole is an entrepreneur, an Associate Consultant with People Minded Business Inc. (PMB), and an international medalist in three sports. She is a global citizen who believes in freedom, power, and prosperity for everyone.

Nicole’s goal is to experience and learn more about what is happening around the world and to share her knowledge with others. It is her hope that by reading Nicole’s Notes, people will broaden their perspective, re-evaluate their assumptions and attitudes, and bring their creative ideas and inputs to the table.

Nicole's Notes

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