Co-Design: Seeing is Believing

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Opportunity knocked, and we gladly opened the door. Service Coordination (SCS) Ottawa was aspiring to provide ‘transitional aged youth’ with an authentic engaging learning experience at their ‘Coming Together’ annual conference in May 2018. PMB jumped at the chance to deliver on this goal, and we are happy to share a video that captures the magic that happened on that special day in May.

But first, a brief introduction to the short video you are about to see. Thirty youth and young adults, ages 16 to 28, registered for the youth track session, titled “It’s Your Time to Design!” The conference focus was ‘My Home. My Community.’ Fittingly, PMB introduced participants to a variety of tested tools and techniques to design their dream homes, and co-design their cool communities. Our desired outcome was for participants to have a fun and engaging experience, while involved in activities that truly get at ‘what matters most’ to each of them in terms of where they live, work and recreate. And, importantly they would leave with take-aways – their personalized Lego built home and a blueprint of their ideal home & community – tangible conversation starters that would serve to enlighten and inform their families and case workers when exploring where they want to live as they enter adulthood.

What you are about to see is what happened on that day in May:

A group of insightful young people came together for a fun and purposeful day. They were truly engaged, and everyone went away with visible, concrete insights, new friends, and meaningful memories.

Importantly, the tools and techniques that PMB uses in its consulting and learning labs, are adapted from the design thinking and creative problem-solving disciplines, AND they can be used to address challenges at the systems, organization, services and individual levels. Co-design sessions can involve individuals that share common characteristics, such as this group of transitional aged youth, or they can consist of blended groups of stakeholders, such as people, families, and service providers. Blended sessions are particularly useful when wanting to address and solve challenges at the systems, organization and services.

But enough with the words. Seeing is believing:

People Minded Business Janeen Halliwell & Jennifer Keilty-Friesen

Janeen Halliwell and Jennifer Friesen of People Minded Business (PMB) have spent the last 30 years working to improve quality, advance new thinking, and drive innovation in human and health services. They are on a mission to introduce co-design and creative problem solving ‘power tools’ to people using human and health services worldwide, with the aim to elevate them as co-designers of their services. PMB has worked in Canada, USA, Australia, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.

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