People Minded Business

PMB’s two Principals, Jennifer and Janeen, have 50+ combined years of experience working in health and human services nationally and internationally.

They and their diverse team are commended for their breadth and depth of knowledge, exceptional skills, and friendly and effective ways of working WITH all people.

People Minded Business Consultants, Facilitators, and Trainers in health and human services
People Minded Business Consultants, Facilitators, and Trainers in health and human services
People Minded Business Consultants, Facilitators, and Trainers in health and human services
People Minded Business

PMB consultants are certified design thinking and creative problem-solving practitioners. We use a plethora of tools and techniques to equally engage all those who have a stake in the problem or opportunity at hand. Some of the many tools we are certified to use include:

Online Collaborative Facilitation.
Design Thinkers Academy
Creative-Problem Solving
FourSight Creative Thinking System Certified Trainer
Jennifer Keilty-Friesen People Minded Business

Jennifer Keilty-Friesen

Jennifer is well recognized by clients for delving into projects with unbridled enthusiasm, being sharp as a tack, and peppering conversations with her clever wit. Regardless of whether the clients come from health or human services, government or private industry, Jennifer is able to quickly attune to the culture of the people she works with, assess and assist them to clearly articulate a path forward. Prior to consulting, Jennifer held leadership and management positions in several community service organizations, including a legal centre for people with disabilities in Sydney, Australia where she also completed her Masters degree in Public Health. A keen learner and analytical thinker, Jennifer has her Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence Certification and has extensive training in creative problem solving and design thinking. Together, she and Janeen are sought after presenters who speak on the topics of innovation – how to plan for it, implement it and evaluate it, quality management, outcomes measurement, leadership, and learning organizations.

Janeen Halliwell People Minded Business

Janeen Halliwell

Clients describe Janeen as being highly focused, engaging, bright, and fun! With three start-up businesses under her belt, Janeen walks the talk when it comes to leadership and speaks from experience – both successes and failures – the best foundations for learning. Her work has intentionally evolved from a focus on quality to advancing new thinking and driving innovation in health and human services. Over the past 30 years Janeen has worked in Canada (Ontario, BC and Alberta), USA, Australia, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and Tanzania, and she has taught for two universities. In 2012, she founded ‘We Move Forward,’ a 4-day International Women’s Day Conference held on Isla Mujeres, Mexico. Janeen received a certificate of recognition from UN WOMEN for empowering women through this ongoing project. Janeen strongly believes that you’ll never feel more alive than when you feel a little scared, and strongly encourages individuals and organizations to explore and take risks. Janeen has a MA in Leadership and is a FourSight Certified Facilitator.

Eitan Markus

Eitan is PMB’s Service Design and Innovation Strategist.  He has a passionate curiosity and an aspiration to have a meaningful impact. Eitan has helped organizations approach transformation and change with confidence through a blend of design thinking, value proposition design, and product development methods. He earned his degree in product design from OCAD University and has collaborated on strategic innovation initiatives with senior leadership teams across a wide range of sectors. Notable clients in the non-profit sector include the CNIB, War Child Canada, and the TSO. He has also played an active role in promoting accessibility and inclusive design, most recently as co-chair of Deloitte Canada’s national employee resource group for accessibility (AccessAbility Network). Eitan enjoys coaching people through new ways of working and equipping teams with a human-centred approach to service design.

People Minded Business Consultants, Facilitators, and Trainers in health and human services

Nicole Flynn

Nicole Flynn is an internationally medaled athlete, explorer, and a lifelong student. She believes in taking in all the information she can and applying it to her life and trying to figure out what she will do next. As CEO of her own business for the past ten years, Nicole is ready to start a different path. Nicole is thrilled with the new adventure of working with People Minded Business. In her final year as a General Arts and Science student, at Loyalist College, Nicole is excited to integrate her education about communication, diversity and leadership with PMB. Her past twenty years of experience as a public speaker will enhance her role as a leader with PMB’s philosophy of WITHology. As a self-advocate, Nicole will apply her critical thinking ability to the discussions and activities with PMB. Nicole loves to try new things, sometimes she fails, but she finds exploring options is a good a way to keep herself wide open to new opportunities. Nicole frequently reminds herself that if she doesn’t try new things, how will she know what will actually work?

Clint Hames People Minded Business

Clint Hames

Clint Hames contributes extensive experience and knowledge in the areas of business, finance management, board governance, leadership, and community services to People Minded Business projects. Clint has been a Canada Lands Company board member since 2009. Canada Lands Company is a self-financing, federal Crown corporation that specializes in real estate, development and attractions management. For the past 20 years, he has been President and CEO of Pacific Developmental Pathways Ltd, a private developmental services organization. Its services are located in the municipalities of Langley and Chilliwack, British Columbia. In 1990, he was elected as a City Councillor and subsequently served as Mayor of Chilliwack from 1999 to 2008. He is also President of Hames & Associates Consulting Ltd. Clint was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal for community service in 2003.

Charlene Piper People Minded Business

Charlene Piper

With a skill set that spans many industries, clients refer to Charlene as a woman of many talents. She is a researcher at heart: a must-find-the-answers kind of person. Prior to consulting, Charlene was an Officer in the Canadian Forces. She earned her Master of Arts degree at the Royal Military College of Canada, where she had the privilege of working with, and learning from, many leaders in the Defence community. She has extensive experience in the development of team-based integrated strategic and business planning, and Balanced Scorecard processes, in both the public service and private sectors. As a published author and part-time photographer, Charlene excels at communication across all platforms. She was formerly a member of the Defence Women’s Advisory Organization and the Regina Strategic Planners Network. Charlene has always worked for organizations that make a difference in the community and strongly believes that an adaptable team is the foundation for success.

Tia Howlett People Minded Business

Tia Howlett

Tia thrives on helping others. Being highly organized, she helps “run the show” from behind-the-scenes and picks up tasks wherever she can be of most help. With her computer skills, project experience, and ability to successfully juggle administrative work, Tia wears many hats at PMB. With a degree in Business Administration and experience in a college innovation lab, Tia provides fresh eyes and a new perspective on projects. Tia is passionate about social innovation and providing people with an exceptional customer service experience. While striving to support meaningful communication and life-long learning, Tia enthusiastically fosters an inclusive and supportive environment. 

Rocky People Minded Business

Rocky (aka "Rockstar")

Rocky is PMB’s mascot. He weighs in at 100 pounds and is the only member of PMB whose weight will be going public. Although he’s a drop out from the College of Dog Obedience, he is a lifelong learner who gets along well with anyone he meets and brings a good attitude to the workplace. His primary role is getting the rest of PMB away from their computers and out for their daily bout of fresh air. A note to our clients, when on conference calls, it’s not a horse that you’re hearing in the background, it’s Rocky.