Looking for an inspirational talk that is grounded in current 'Know & How?'

This is where Janeen & Jen come in.

PMB works with our clients to understand who will be in the room and what new information will be of most benefit to them. Then we get to work customizing a talk that delivers. Once in the room, Janeen and Jen keep new information coming through back and forth banter, storytelling, mixed media, and most importantly they speak with sincere appreciation and passion for the work you do to better people’s lives!

People in the seats get:

  • Current Content grounded by a wealth of experience
  • Insight + Inspiration shared through stories, studies, and lessons learned
  • Solid Take-Aways that can be tried back in the workplace
  • Levity + Laughter to lighten the mind and warm the soul

"People Minded Business has presented at several Community Living Prince Edward events - Conferences, AGMs, and Training Events. They are dynamic speakers with messages that resonate with everyone in the audience - people using services, families, employees, board of directors, and members of our community. We would definitely have them back!"

Susan Treverton, Executive Director, Community Living Prince Edward

We have given keynote addresses to 100s of people and frequently speak at conferences of all sizes. What is most important is that our material and messages are current and new, and add value to the work that you do – work that matters.

Here's What We're Talking About

The “Must Do” For Innovative & Sustainable Organizations
Ahead of the Curve
Today’s Innovation is Tomorrow’s Quality
It's Possible
Leading Up & Over Mount Possible
Yes Virginia
Measurement Matters in Health & Human Services
The F Word
Failure is no longer a dirty word

PMB will customize a keynote address or talk around your group’s interests.
Contact us to get the conversation going.

A sampling of our speaking creds from over the years

  • Raise Your I+Q Using Creative Problem Solving Tools – Ontario Agencies Supporting Individuals with Special Needs (OASIS) 2017 Conference, Ottawa, Ontario
  • Boost Innovation & Quality in All You Do – Region East Professional Development Association 2016 Conference, Picton, Ontario
  • Soulmates: The Highly Effective Marriage of Innovation and Quality - Creative Problem Solving Institute 2015 & 2016 Conferences, Buffalo, New York
  • It’s a Failure Wake – Mindcamp Conference 2016, Orillia, Ontario
  • Livin’ The Dream – Mindcamp Conference 2015, Orillia, Ontario
  • GRIT & Self-directed Leadership - We Move Forward International Women’s Day Conference 2016, Isla Mujeres, Mexico
  • The Great Game of Outcome Tug-of-War - Better Outcomes, Brighter Futures Conference 2015, Kingston, Ontario
  • Championing Accreditation & Innovation in Human Services, FOCUS Conference 2013, Ajax, Ontario
  • Leading at all Levels - BC First Nations Headstart Conference, Nanaimo, BC
  • Leading Learning Organizations - BC Association for Community Living, Whistler, BC
  • Developmental Evaluation: A Method to Measure & Strengthen Change - Supported Employment Conference, Ellensburg, Washington
  • Senate Standing Committee on Social Reform, House of Parliament, New South Wales, Australia

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