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PMB Learning Labs

Our current and engaging labs will equip your people with the KNOW – the new knowledge they are seeking – and the HOW – the tools and techniques they will use to create positive change.

What participants like about PMB Learning Labs:

  • New KNOW & HOW can be applied the next day
  • Real life examples keep content current, relevant and practical
  • Labs engage people and rev-up motivation
  • PMB doesn’t do dorky! We get that participants will happily engage in exercises that tap into their minds and souls, as long as they don’t have to do dorky activities.

NOTE: Interested in financial assistance to experience PMB Learning Labs? This training may be eligible for the Canada-Ontario job grant. Click for more information.

Full-Day Learning Labs

I+Q Essentials
Digging Deeper into I+Q
Championing Change in a Creative Climate

Co-Design for People Using Supports

Half Day and Custom Learning Labs

½ Day Learning Labs
Customized Learning Labs

Full-Day Learning Labs

The labs can be taken in succession (we recommend this) or as stand-alone learning experiences.

I+Q Essentials
Innovation + Quality

A high I+Q is necessary to succeed in today’s fast paced, quickly evolving, and competitive world. It takes a certain mindset and skillset to raise your organization’s level of Innovation + Quality, and PMB’s introductory learning lab is designed to do just that.

Participants will:

  • Increase their understanding of innovation with a focus on social innovation
  • Become familiar with PMB’s I+Q Strategy that is grounded in dynamic co-design and creative problem solving methodologies
  • Recognize and upshift the way their minds react to new and different ways of doing business
  • Practice tried and true tools and techniques that can be used immediately in the workplace.

Digging Deeper into I+Q
Co-Design & Measuring Impact

In this learning lab participants deepen their understanding and use of design thinking and creative problem solving for coming clear on issues and solving problems.

Participants will:

  • Develop their understanding of how intentionally designing the composition of teams can spark breakthrough thinking.
  • Complete the FourSight Thinking Profile© in advance – the profile is a creative problem-solving assessment that reveals personal preferences for each of the four phases of the breakthrough thinking process that leads to innovation.
  • Increase their appreciation for the critical role that all people play in the co-design, implementation and evaluation of supports and services.
  • Work with tools to identify core challenges, ideate, develop solutions, and implement & measure impact of change.

Championing Change in a Creative Climate

Being in a state of change is the ‘new normal.’ The expectation is to keep the pedal to the metal and share the wheel with all passengers. Organizational success and sustainability requires creativity and innovation, and a workplace environment that allows both to flourish. This learning lab is designed for the people who are up for the challenge of sliding into the driver’s seat and championing change.

Participants will:

  • Gain a solid understanding of the health and human service sector’s ecosystem.
  • Examine the internal landscape – the attitudes, behaviours and practices - of creative and innovative organizations.
  • Complete an I+Q (Innovation + Quality) Organizational Assessment to identify where to focus further development back in the workplace.
  • Be ready to use a 4-part process for leading change effectively and engaging everyone along the way.

Co-Design for People Using Supports

The purpose of this learning lab is to up the level of authentic and meaningful engagement of the people who use your supports and services. It involves the people and those who facilitate their involvement. Participants learn to use creative problem solving tools and techniques so they are equipped to be a force in ideating and co-designing service solutions. Every time we run this learning lab we leave amazed by the ideas that can transform services. This lab can lead to a new future.

½ Day Learning Labs

Dust-Free Strategic Plans

Too much thought, time and resources go into strategic plans to let them sit on a shelf. When a strategic plan is used to its full extent, everyone’s informed, involved, and heading in the same direction. In this learning lab, PMB walks through different methods and techniques to keep your strategic plan alive and to use it to make your organization thrive.

Leadership at All Levels

This learning lab is ideal for a professional development day or team building session. Participants practice using specific tools and techniques to reboot and recharge the people and the work environment.

Customized Learning Labs

PMB will gladly customize Learning Labs based on your needs. The process involves a pre-training consultation conversation, learning lab design and development, and facilitation.

To book or inquire about Learning Labs contact: innovate@peopleminded.ca

Learning Lab Prices are determined by the size of the group and the number of labs purchased by your organization.

Interested in financial assistance to experience PMB Learning Labs? This training may be eligible for the Canada-Ontario job grant. Click for more information

PMB’s I+Q™ Strategy

Great solutions and approaches don’t just happen – they’re designed for success. PMB's I+Q™ Strategy combines the best of innovation and quality processes and tools to guide organizations as they create solutions that matter to the people they support. The result – a big boost in your organization’s I+Q.

Download PMB’s I+Q™ Strategy Tool

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