Innovation Intensives

Ideas Come Alive!

Roll up your sleeves and open your mind – we invite you to bring your ideas to life through experiencing an Innovation Intensive, involving:

Diverse People

An inclusive, diverse group of people are invited from within and external to your organization.

Progressive Strategy

The organization brings its opportunity or challenge, and PMB provides the strategy to get to innovative solution.

Tools and Techniques

With the precision of an artisan, PMB introduces tools and tailors them throughout the intensive to ensure the process leads to your desired result.


Everyone is given access to what they want most – TIME to think, to clarify, to explore, and to prepare to pilot a new way to create positive change.

Innovation Intensives happen:

  • Over a consecutive 2 to 3 day period
  • Away from the workplace environment, hosted by the organization, or
  • On Isla Mujeres, Mexico, in a private BnB, hosted by PMB

You will come away from your Innovation Intensive with:

  • Your passion fuelled
  • Deep empathy of your customers' needs
  • A solution you can act on right away
  • Strategies, tools and techniques for applying breakthrough thinking and co-design to your next new thing.

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