PMB Facilitation

PMB are master facilitators for groups of all sizes. We can facilitate hour-long dialogue, day-long problem solving sessions, and long-term initiatives scheduled over the course of a few months. Each session is designed to achieve your objectives – participants consistently get engaged and leave delighted with process and outcome.

We facilitate:
  • Strategic visioning & planning
  • Creative problem solving (CPS), including CPS for people with disabilities & special populations
  • Operational planning and project development
  • Team development
  • Key constituent consultations
  • Focus groups, town hall, and discovery sessions
  • FourSight Thinking Profile – individual and team assessments

Interested in introducing digital facilitation into your team thinking and problem solving? PMB’s facilitators are trained in the STORMZ© digital tool that enables participants to engage and collaborate through their smartphones and tablets.

Certified Facilitator

Janeen Halliwell is a FourSight Certified Facilitator. She will lead you through the FourSight Thinking Profile problem solving assessment that has a proven record of helping organizations large and small, on six continents in the corporate, educational and non-profit sectors. Clients use FourSight to get a striking look at where they excel and breakdown in the four distinct phases of the breakthrough thinking process.

Interested in having your team complete the FourSight Thinking Profile?

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