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Take a quick look over your shoulder. The pace of change has ramped up dramatically and health and human services are being challenged to rethink, change directions and re-create the way things get done. It’s no surprise that to keep up and get ahead, organizations are looking for professional expertise and help. That’s where PMB comes in.

PMB can:
  • Bring strategy to your work: Our strategies, tools and techniques provide a clear path forward, spark breakthrough thinking, and deliver results
  • Support your team to build innovation mindset: Our focus on innovation and quality, and co-design inspires a culture of advancement and encourages everyone to ask: “How might we?”
  • Be your Innovation Scouts: We stay on top of trends & successful practices from around the world and bring them to the table to help you imagine what is possible
  • Engage your people in co-design: We help you develop a deep understanding of what matters most to people within and external to your organization, and engage them in the co-design of services
  • Introduce practical proactive systems and processes that enable teams to pilot new ideas, evaluate results and build on lessons learned

PMB’s Consulting Advantage

PMB is not like other consultancies. We have 50 combined years of working in health and human services, nationally and internationally. We truly value people, and the work that you do to better their lives. We understand your pressures, we know your funders and – most importantly – we love working with the people you support.

We combine our hands-on experience with current and extensive knowledge of social innovation, design thinking, creative problem solving, quality improvement and evaluation. We easily draw from these fields as we support organizations to strategize, prioritize and create services and supports that matter most to the people. Our expansive tool kit continues to fill-up!

Our learning labs & facilitation integrate with our consulting work to embed new KNOW & current HOW into the way your organization gets things done.

PMB’s consulting process begins with a no-cost pre-consult to explore why you are reaching out to us and how we (or maybe someone else) might best support you to achieve your goals.

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PMB’s I+Q™ Strategy

Great solutions and approaches don’t just happen – they’re designed for success. PMB's I+Q™ Strategy combines the best of innovation and quality processes and tools to guide organizations as they create solutions that matter to the people they support. The result – a big boost in your organization’s I+Q.

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