People Minded Business

Is in the business of boosting innovation and quality (I+Q) in health and human services. We work with forward thinking organizations to develop the mindset and skillset – the know & the how - to create positive change in people’s lives. Our work is grounded in consultation, design thinking and creative problem solving.
  • Sean Blane, Deputy Director
    PMB produced the results that met and exceeded our expectations.
    Sean Blane, Deputy Director
    Consular Services, Global Affairs Canada
  • Brian J. Dunne, President and CEO
    I highly recommend PMB to any agency looking for an excellent consultant experience
    Brian J. Dunne, President and CEO
    Participation House Support Services London and Area
  • Jennifer Churchill, CEO
    Jennifer and Janeen are motivated, proactive, and responsive... We felt their commitment to our project from the earliest stages. It was a pleasure to work with them.
    Jennifer Churchill, CEO
    Ontario Association of Children's Rehabilitation Services
  • Susan Treverton
    Dynamic speakers with messages that resonate with everyone in the audience - people using services, families, employees, board of directors, and members of our community.
    Susan Treverton
    Executive Director, Community Living Prince Edward

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